Fall Capsule Wardrobe Must Haves

Fall Capsule Wardrobe Must Haves

Can you believe it’s already pumpkin spice season, and while we're not quite ready to let go of summer, I’m taking advantage of all the labor day sales to pick up a few fall must haves! From coastal grandmother sweaters to dad jeans, read on for our top capsule wardrobe picks this autumn. Like any millennial I have been stuck in a skinny jean rut for the last decade and I am ready to say goodbye to skin tight denim and embrace the straight leg loose fitting jeans of gen z. 

Dad jeans are a popular fit this year, and while they might remind you of the boyfriend jeans that Jennifer Aniston made popular in the 00’s, these have a wonderfully high waist! They have a straight leg silhouette, and typically do not cling to your body. Think of the comfort of wearing a non leggings style jean. You can get them ripped, with extra seams, unique washes or even button up’d. They pair best with a more fitted top, or a cropped silhouette. Best of all these jeans pair perfectly with a large big (inexpensive) tote bag! 

Big bags are in, yes I can finally fit all my snacks, haha! The easiest way to get in on that trend is a tote bag. A great tote bag is essential for carrying all your fall essentials 

and best of all, they tend to be cheaper than other large bags.  We love an ethical - non leather canvas bag in a neutral beige or black colour. If you are feeling more risky you can try a unique colour or even a printed bag as a statement piece! We’re thinking  that maybe a tie dye canvas tote bag could be a great addition, what do you think? Let us know below! 

Tote bags are great and not just because they trending this season but also because of how functional they are! Back to the office? In class? Travelling again? You can fit everything and probably what you don’t need inside, like an extra pair of cute tie dye socks? 

Tennis sports socks are all the rage this season, patterns, logos, or tie dye, pick your poison. We go for tie dye, duh. They are comfy, easy to wear and this season worn with everything from classic converse to chunky loafers and even with our guilty pleasure Birkenstocks. Our socks are organic cotton, and ethically made in Canada from start to finish so they have a lower footprint on the planet while keeping you cosy and cool! What else keeps you looking cool? A coastal grandmother sweater that is! 

Coastal grandmother, the most unlikely trend of the year is going strong for fall with the iconic knitted sweater, these are absolutely perfect to pair with anything, a galaxy maxi dress or a simple pair of jeans, shorts, whatever. To make the look coastal opt for a cream or off white sweater, or hit it out of the park with a striped nautical look.  If you’re not ready to dress for the golden years, maybe switch things up for funkadelic hoodie? 

Covid really cemented hoodies as an all time staples, and we couldn’t be more obsessed. There are many different styles of hoodies that you can wear in the fall. You can choose a plain hoodie in a solid colour, or you can choose a hoodie with a pattern or design. You can also choose a hoodie made from a thicker material, like a super fleece, to keep you warm in the cooler weather. If you're looking for something a little dressier, you can also choose a hoodie with a print or design, or maybe you want to go really fall with a hoodie in burnt yellow or orange. 

If we had to describe pumpkin spice latte in one colour, it would certainly be a burnt yellowy orange taupe. Burnt Yellow in particular is going strong this year, which makes complete sense since bright yellow was a popular shade for summer! Grab an accessory, a cardigan or simply shellac your nails in this tried and true shade for that instant Gilmore girls feel. Because what’s more fall than Gilmore girls, speaking of which, got to go, season 2 finale happens to be on again! *Team Jesse* 

xoxo Masha 

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