How festival fashion has changed, and how YOU can rock the perfect tee for your festival look this summer

How festival fashion has changed, and how YOU can rock the perfect tee for your festival look this summer

The history of fashion at festivals is a long and varied one. Though it's often associated with tie dye tees and flowing skirts, the reality is that fashion at festivals has taken many different forms over the years.

One of the earliest examples of festival fashion can be found in ancient Greece. Back then, festivals were large religious ceremonies that took place outdoors, and so the participants dressed accordingly. They wore simple robes and sandals, which allowed them to move easily in the hot sun.

Fast forward a few thousand years, and you'll find that festival fashion had taken on a much more eclectic look. In the 1960s and 70s, for example, hippies took to festivals in droves, sporting tie dye tees, flared jeans, and headbands. Their aim was to create a look that was both comfortable and carefree - something that would let them dance all night long.

During the 2010’s Coachella or EDM styles got crazy and over the top. It was all about bright colours, bold patterns, glitter and lots of fringe. Some key fits were a maxi dress or skirt, ideally boho inspired. Fringe was a must-have festival fashion accessory, along with funky sunglasses, bra tops and lots of sparkles or sequins! Often this look was paired with cowboy boots for extra flair. 

In recent years, the fashion trends at festivals have been getting more and more basic. The long popular, over-the-top Coachella girl aesthetic is starting to fade, and simple tee and jeans seem to be back in style!

Interestingly, this shift towards simplicity seems to be happening across all festivals, not just Coachella. For example, at the Glastonbury music festival in England earlier this year, many attendees were seen sporting practical clothing such as Hunter rain boots and North Face jackets. There was also a huge trend for gingham print shirts, which was likely inspired by the popularity of the film “The Greatest Showman”.

Meanwhile, at the Burning Man festival in Nevada, attendees went for a more eclectic look. Many wore costumes or creative outfits that expressed their personal style. This included everything from elaborate headdresses to body paint and lingerie.

So what does this shift towards simplicity mean for festival fashion in 2022? Well, it seems that we can expect to see more people wearing basic tees and jeans rather than trying to stand out with over-the-top outfits. This is a good thing, because it means that people can focus on having fun rather than worrying about what they’re wearing.


The best part, summertime is festival season! Whether you're into country music, EDM, or just enjoying good ole'fashioned barbecues and sunshine, there's a festival for everyone to enjoy. And of course, what's a summer festival without some seriously stylish t-shirts?

Here are some tips on how to make your festival fashion statements with your tees:

1. Keep it casual. A T-shirt is the perfect way to keep your look casual and comfortable at a summer festival. Just be sure to pick one that fits well and isn't too baggy - you don't want it to get in the way of your dancing!

2. Go for bright colors. A brightly colored T-shirt is always a great choice for a summer festival. It'll help you stand out from the crowd and will add a bit of personality to your look.

3. Stick with a classic design. If you're not sure what style T-shirt to go for, a classic design is always a safe option. That way, you'll be sure to look stylish whether the festival is country-themed or not.

4. Don't be afraid to show some skin. A tank top T-shirt is the perfect way to show off some skin in the summer sun - but be sure to choose one that's lightweight and breathable so you don't get too hot.

5. accessorize accordingly. When it comes to dressing for a festival, accessories are key! So don't forget to add a fun pair of sunglasses, a cute headband, or some fun bracelets to complete your look.

So go out and dance the day away! Make sure to enjoy yourself, and be sure to stay safe while you're out there. Have a great tie dye time!

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