Is a maxi dress the dress for you this summer?

Is a maxi dress the dress for you this summer?

Summer is here and that means one thing: maxi dresses! A maxi dress can be the perfect choice for a summer outing. They're comfortable, cool, and stylish all at the same time. If you're not sure if a maxi dress is right for you, read on to learn more about why they might be the perfect pick this season, and how they came to exist! 

Let's take a look at the history of this timeless classic. It feels like it has been around for centuries, but what we know today as "the maxi dress" only came into being in 1960s! Oscar de la Renta has been credited with inventing the maxi dress in 1968, but it really appeared a few years before that. 

The in late 1965, the influence of Doctor Zhivago and the winter collection from designer Jacques Syma created a perfect storm that led to maxi’s becoming an item for women. 

These new dresses featured a straight aline floor length silhouettes without being in anyway hip hugging, whereas outfits of the 1950's were ultra curvy designs, that exaggerated the natural shape of women. They also lacked a waist seam, which gave them a bell like shape an often little or no sleeves. The length of maxi dresses in the 60's was a direct response to micro minis style.For many women, the mini and micro-minis represented a rigid set of extremely sexualized values placed on them by society. On this side you have what is considered "the opposite" - Maxi dresses with their flowing fit from years ago which symbolize free expression for all people no matter who they are or where they come from!

Moreover by 1966, the maxi length became a part of anti-war movement. This fashion choice was used to show peace and freedom from oppression through flowing skirts or dresses with no limitations on them - it really stood out against what people were wearing at that time. Fitted garments couldn't be worn beyond dinner parties, and women wanted to fight back against that. 

The maxi dress is an icon of decades past, with each new look bringing an updated twist to this classic garment. The OG maxi frocks of the 1960’s were an umpire (baby doll) waist, with no extra fullness at all. They also featured sleeves and a floral print all over their design which is what made them so popular in that era!

By the 70’s the dresses were a similar shape but the colours started to get more vibrant, bright and the print more psychedelic. Think of the first thing that comes to mind when you say vintage dress and that is exactly what this era is known for. The 80’s lacked any sort of true maxi dress fashion with an exception for a few designers like Diane Freis. 

The 90's was a time of evolution for fashion, with the popular floral print making its way into this new style. This maxi dress almost looked like something you might find on grandma’s closet floor- which would be perfect if it were yours!

This decade saw the rise of a new generation that valued innovation, individualism and freedom. The 2000’s were all about being yourself - without worrying too much what other people thought! The second part of the decade was different, with floor length full bohemian dresses. Flowing, flowing dresses that are 70's inspired and full of bohemian flair.

Jumping to today, the main trend in maxi dresses is being bold. From the traditional too extreme, this year's trends in fashion are all over the map, but they are all bold. From full length striped men’s dress shirt maxi dresses to vibrant all over abstract mesh printed dresses. There really isn't any one style that dominates—and we're loving it!

With their ability to be worn both professionally and personally, maxi dresses are an easy go-to style for everyone, and are a unisex fit. You'll find them in every variety imaginable- from fancy dress outfits at a party or wedding event, down south during summer months on vacation -Maxis can take you anywhere! in fact, if you're looking for a way to spice up your travel wardrobe, maxi dresses are ideal. They come in different styles and colours so no matter what the occasion or destination - there's something that will match!

This summer we're all about pairing the maxi with platform sandals (flat-forms), a cute crossbody fanny and layering jean jacket in a neutral tone. For some extra style points go for an elegant baseball cap or wide brim hat on sunny days! If you are on the shorter end, and don't want to feel overwhelmed by your dress, a knot at the bottom is an excellent way of making it more wearable.

Maxi dresses are the perfect way to add some extra flair and style while still being modest. You can wear a crop top under your maxi, which will protect shoulders from sun damage. Pair it with another skirt for a more busy or full look, add leggings or lightweight sweater, think coastal chic striped top for cooler summer evenings at the beach. 

If you’re looking for a dress that is both stylish and easy to wear, a maxi dress is the perfect option. With their flattering fit and fun prints, these dresses are sure to turn heads at any event. And thanks to our years of experience offering maxis, we know just what styles and colors will suit you best. So why not try one today? We promise you won’t be disappointed!



Note: Fashion has always been popular and changing. It's just that before now, it took the form of print media instead of internet or television-which means that fashion trends spread slowly, it would often take decades for fashion trends to really emerge. Now with a click of a button you can watch front row designer shows, see street style from around the world, and even participate in web3 fashion trends. 


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