Are you part of the tie dye appreciation society?

Are you part of the tie dye appreciation society?

If you are reading this, you probably love tie dye, there's just something about those brightly-colored swirls that can make anyone happy. Plus, it's a great way to add a pop of color to your everyday life. There are so many reasons why it rocks, we had trouble putting them all in one post.

Tie dye is quintessentially tied with nostalgic memories of summers past, and in my humble opinion, there is no better summer craft. So many crafts end up in the trash bin, but tie dye is one that prevails, and with that, the number one reason why tie dye is awesome is because all of us have those wonderful memories making tie dye in the summer, be it at camp, with family at the lake or simply in the backyard. And if you’re missing on those memories, well what are you waiting for, grab a kit and get to dyeing.

If you are worried about what the results will be, worry no more. There couldn’t be anything easier, mostly because there are no rules in tie dye. With the right materials, a little creativity and an eye for detail you can create something original from your first try. Just remember to wear gloves (and a mask). 

Yes, there, it had to be said, tie dye is anything and everything, from soft neutral hand dyed patterns to psychedelic ice dyes, traditional indigo shibori or even wax resist batik. There are so many different way to tie dye, so many patterns, designs or items that can be dyed. Every tie dye creation is down right stunning, grungy, psychedelic, soft vintage or the classic rainbows, all of it rocks! 

Since you’re on a tie dye binge, you can absolutely tie dye everything under the sun - well everything cotton. From shoes, laces, hats, gloves, dresses, the classic tee - dye it all, life will be just that much brighter! It is is so versatile you could tie dye a whole couch if you wanted to, and I want to! 

Since you’re going to want to tie dye you’re whole house, well it's good news that tie dye is affordable to do! Tie dye kits are inexpensive and typically have everything you need inside. It’s also versatile, and you can simply over-dye existing clothing to bring them back to life! 

Say you got a stain on your beloved tee, or your white pristine joggers got some ketchup, have we got a trick for you to save the day! Dye the items and it is brand new, this summer my fave jean jacket had a big weird stain on it, I quite honestly had no idea what it was, but I stuck it in some grey dye and came out with a stunning new piece - better than the original! Best of all, tie dye patterns tend to be busy so stains are no match. Tie dye is perfect for new moms and dads, or those who are just can’t evade the food stains. 

And not only can you save stained items, but trends come and go quicker than you can trend, the quickest way to make sometimes trendy again is to dye it to this season it shade. Bright yellow becomes warm yellow, pastel go to a nebula shade and you know, galaxy never goes out of style! 

Now that you have dyed your house, your clothes and maybe your car too, you can reflect on that its a perfect way to express your personality! Each tie dye is one a kind, and can there really be anything better than one of a kind clothing? Knowing that surely no one will show up to the party in the exact same hoodie? and that’s another reason why we love how expressive tie dye is! 

So, there you have it - all the reasons why tie dyeing rocks!  Wether half your house is colourful and bright, or you are just jumping on the bandwagon, we think there is nothing better than some colour to cheer one up! So what’s your most unusual tie dyed item? 

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