A Colorful Journey Behind "The Tempest" at Shakespeare in the Park NYC 🎨

A Colorful Journey Behind "The Tempest" at Shakespeare in the Park NYC 🎨

Not too long ago, I embarked on a magical journey that was nothing short of a dream come true. Picture this: A world where the classic narratives of Shakespeare come to life amidst the bustling heart of NYC!

Let's rewind a bit. It all kicked off with a casual chat with the incredibly gifted costume designer. We discussed the vision for the costumes and brainstormed ways to bring that vision to vibrant life. Together, we dreamt of transforming the stage of "The Tempest" into a canvas of moving art, all through the mesmerizing play of fabrics and colors.

Now, diving into the fabric selection, it was a vibrant canvas waiting to be painted with the hues of our imagination. For the Ariels, it was like playing with the calm yet lively palette of the ocean, experimenting with lighter linens and creating watercolor patterns that echoed the gentle ebb and flow of the sea, with a centerpiece of confetti-style aqua capturing the ocean's vibrant spirit.

Moving to the magnificent Prospero, the journey took a turn into a celestial realm. A rich, heavy knit texture woven with golden threads became the canvas to portray the enigma of a galaxy, a rich tapestry echoing the depth and mystery of this fascinating character.

Of course, this venture wasn't without its fair share of learning curves. Adapting to new linen textures, experimenting with eco-friendly processes, and creatively navigating through unforeseen challenges like wildfire smoke - every step was a newfound lesson, a small adventure within the bigger journey.

Witnessing the final showcase was like watching a dream unfold before my eyes. There I was, amidst the audience, witnessing the captivating dance of colors and patterns on stage, experiencing the sheer joy mirrored on the faces of fellow spectators.

As I reflect on this journey, it feels akin to a poetic narrative where each color, each pattern played a vital role in weaving a grand, living tapestry that echoed the timeless magic of theatre.

Before I sign off, a heartfelt shoutout to the talented costume designer and the spirited team that brought this dream to life. And a massive thank you to the Shakespeare in the Park NYC initiative, for nurturing a space where the enchanting tales of Shakespeare find a vibrant, modern echo.

Here's to many more colorful adventures,

Image and More photos: https://www.playbill.com/article/get-a-1st-look-at-the-tempest-at-free-shakespeare-in-the-park

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